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Mazoon Groups Scrap Trading Company is one of the best Scrap trading companies in UAE.Major industrial domains can rely upon Mazoon Groups for complete industrial solutions.Mazoon Groups is a promising name in the scrap industry. The company was formed in the Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with the vision to supply top quality ferrous and non ferrous metals with exceptional service to both our customers and suppliers.We are counted among the fastest growing company that deals in the export and import of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scraps items.

At Mazoon Groups, we have a different perspective altogether. By recycling scrap materials such as Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals, which includes aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, tin, titanium , zinc, iron, steel, brass ,bronze, Cut steel scrap, irregular flats and long steel dumpings, machined scrap, Shredded and machined scrap, radiator scrap, copper tubings and flats, cables,we contribute to the conservation of Natural Resources apart from above mentioned leads. We inspect and deliver all kinds of Scraps or metals , second choices, stock lot materials to recyclers and end users across the globe. Our customers still rely upon us because of the quality of materials we provide for them at cheap prices in the market. ‘Customers are an integral part of our business’, that we believe in and gave us the title the best Scrap Trading Company in UAE.

We Deals With

best scrap trading company in uae
Ferrous Scrap Metals Trading

Cut Steel Scrap, Regular, Irregular Flats Long Steel Dumpings, Machined Scrap

Heavy Scrap trading company in UAE
Non Ferrous Scrap Metals Trading

Shredded and Machined Scrap, Radiator Scrap, Copper Tubings and Flats, Cables, Mag Wheels.

Our Expert Domains

Our Focused Industries

We Trade in Bulk Quantities

Ferrous Scrap Trading
Ferrous Scrap Trading

Some Common Ferrous metals include Cast iron, wrought iron, alloy steel, carbon steel etc…, which are priced for their durability and tensile strength. Ferrous Scraps have high Carbon content, which makes them rust if exposed to moisture. Most of the Ferrous metals used in Electrical appliances and mortars have magnetic effects. As a parent company of Mazoon Groups, we deal with exports and import of best quality Ferrous Scraps in UAE and outside. We buy and sell any ferrous metals and scraps in tons.

Non Ferrous Scrap Trading
Non Ferrous Scrap Trading

Copper, lead, zinc,tin, Aluminium includes some Non Ferrous metals which have non magnetic effects. At Mazoon Groups, we trade with any type of Non Ferrous Scrap trading with any industrial domains.Some focused industries covers fabrication , leyth industry ,automobile industries etc. As one of the heavy metal scrap dealers in Dubai , we deal with any bulk quantity of Metals as per the required requirements.

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